Whiteford Burrows and Llanrhidian Saltmarsh

Llanrhidian Marsh from Weobley Castle photo by Nilfanion under CC 4.0

Characteristics of Whiteford Burrows and Llanrhidian Saltmarsh


Owned by the National Trust, Llanrhidian Marsh and Whiteford Burrows are outstanding for both the beauty of the landscape and the abundance of wildlife.

Whiteford Burrows has one of the best dune systems in Britain with an excellent series of dune habitats.

Whiteford Sands lies to the east of the Burrows. At its northern end there is a dilapidated cast iron lighthouse (which is not National Trust owned). There are views across the estuary towards Pembrey Sands and Burry Port.


Llanrhidian Marsh is one of the best examples of a salt marsh in Britain. It is of international importance for its enormous population of wintering wildfowl and waders. Look out for birds on the Marsh including the oystercatcher, knot, pintail and golden plover.

The award winning Saltmarsh lamb, a local delicacy, is reared on Llanrhidian Marsh.

The flora of Whiteford Burrows is exceptional and includes many rare breeds and local species, including early marsh orchid, fen orchid, early grass sand and dune gentian.

Photo of Llanrhidian Marsh from Weobley Castle by Nilfanion under CC-4.0


National Nature Reserve (NNR)
Special Protection Area (SPA)
Special Area of Conservation (SAC)
Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar)
Open access land
Llanrhidian Marsh is common land