Visitors to Gower Peninsula

Access and recreation

Historically, most areas of common land in Wales have been open for public access with the consent of the landowner.  In May 2005 the Countryside Rights of Way Act (CRoW) established common land, mountain, moor, heath and down as open access land where people can walk in some of the most spectacular landscapes in Wales. These areas are clearly marked on Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps; for more information contact

Horse riding and cycling remain confined to bridleways.  Dogs must be kept under close control at all times and on a lead where there are grazing animals. To find out more visit Natural Resources Wales for up to date information.

To download copies of guided walks over some of the commons, please follow the links below:

Llanmadoc Hill Walking Guide

Hardings Down Walking Guide

Gower Commons Code

Commons are wonderful places to enjoy the countryside. To get the most out of your visit please follow our 10 point code and protect our wild places.

  1. Slow down on Gower roads and pay attention to wandering livestock.
  2. Be cautious. Please don’t feed the animals on commons as this encourages them to the roadside and puts you and them in danger. Don’t interfere with animals even if you think they are in distress. Try to alert the farmer instead – contact the Gower Commoners’ Association on 07854 948627.
  3. Avoid driving or parking on the commons in front of gates or in the by-pass areas of cattle grids. Driving on commons is illegal.
  4. Don’t disturb or remove wild plants and animals from the commons. Many of the habitats of common land are rare and fragile.
  5. Garden waste, including grass cuttings, may be poisonous to livestock and can introduce unwanted plants into our countryside. Please compost your waste at home or contact the local authority about municipal composting schemes.
  6. Leave gates as you find them. Farmers may leave gates open to allow animals to move between field and common.
  7. Consider people and wildlife. Take your litter home. If you see fly-tipping call Swansea’s litter line on 0800 807060.
  8. Always keep dogs on a lead.
  9. If you see a fire on a common dial 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade. Some fires are a controlled part of the management of commons but others may not be.
  10. Commons are not campsites. For information on campsites in the area contact the Tourist Information Centre Swansea on (01792) 468321

This voluntary code is supported by the following organisations:

    • The Gower Commoners Association
    • The National Trust
    • Gower Society
    • Natural Resources Wales
    • Llangennith Manors Ltd
    • City and County of Swansea
    • South Wales Police
    • Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service