Penmaen and Nicholaston Burrows

Nicholaston Burrows Gower Commons geograph 2417001 by Jeremy Bolwell

Characteristics of Penmaen and Nicholaston Burrows


The Penmaen and Nicholaston Burrows area is very varied, consisting of sand dunes, cliffs and woodland. The views are impressive across the sweeping expanse of Oxwich beach in one direction and towards the picturesque Three Cliffs Bay in the other.

Penmaen Burrows has a number of important archaeological remains and its location between Three Cliffs Bay and Oxwich Bay makes it a very scenic walk.


Nicholaston Burrows, situated behind the northern end of Oxwich beach, hosts interesting dune flora. You can find bloody cranesbill, pyramidal orchids and a number of lichen species there.

Management and Commons use

The National Trust acquired both Penmaen Burrows and Nicholaston Burrows in 1967. These fascinating places continue to be managed by the National Trust to conserve their value for wildlife and our heritage.

Photo by Jeremy Bolwell under CC 2.0


Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)