Bishopston Valley

Bishopston Valley opening onto Pwlldu Bay - CC BY SA 2.0

Characteristics of Bishopston Valley


Bishopston Valley runs from Kittle in the north to Pwll Du Bay in the south.

The predominant feature of the valley is the ancient woodland that covers the steep valley sides. It is very secluded, giving the site an air of mystery.

A stream, fringed by wet meadows, wends its way along the valley floor, occasionally disappearing into holes and sinks in the limestone. Caves and holes have been carved out of the limestone by water gushing through the valley down to the beautifully secluded Pwll Du Bay.


Pwll Du Local Nature Reserve is accessible from Pwll Du Bay. If you’re quiet you may spot a kingfisher or an otter by the stream.

Management and Commons use

Bishopston Valley is owned and managed by the National Trust.

History and Archaeology

Bishopston Valley has a colourful past and was once used by smugglers, miners and quarry workers. There is visible evidence of this as you walk through the valley to Pwll Du Bay.

The buildings in the bay were once public houses that served the quarry workers.

Other historic features include Long Ash silver and lead mine and an Iron Age promontory fort.

Photo by Nick Andrews under a CC BY-SA 2.0


Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
Within Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)